The Go-To-Stand is the new basketball stand that’s changing the way teams and individuals practice! 

The Go-To-Stand is uniquely designed to create game simulations for shooting, footwork, and muscle memory.  It works better than a chair, cone, or any other ball stand because of height, durability, and smooth release from the stand. It is extremely effective for both individual and group practice, allowing players to work on handoffs and ballscreens, as well as increasing player ability to catch and shoot at game speed. 

 A small investment that will pay major dividends in skill development!

The Go-To-Stand is the new basketball stand that will:

  • Accelerate individual skill development
  • Increase the impact of small group workouts
  • Maximize individual and team potential


  • Powder-coated steel construction – very durable, won’t wear out
  • Rubberized tips top and bottom – won’t scratch the floor if tipped over
  • Lightweight and stackable – setting it up and taking it down is a breeze
  • Perfect height to simulate a handoff
  •  Proudly made right here in the U.S.A.!

The Go-To-Stand is ideal for:

  • Individual practice
  • Small group workouts
  • Basketball camps

Use Go-To-Stand to ignite your practice

  • Downscreen and Rip and Go
  • Curl and Ballscreen
  • Post Shots – Elbow, Corner, Ballscreen
  • Fast Break Shots
  • Partner Workouts
  • Flare Screen and Change of Directions
  • Multiple Shots: Curl, Downscreen, Flarescreen, and Ballscreen

Buy in Multiples and Save

1-2 $69.99
3-4 $59.99
5-9 $49.99
10+ $44.99

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